Concertina Razor Barbed Wire - Galvanized or PVC Coated

Hot specifications of concertina razor wire ordered by customers:

  • 900 mm diameter concertina razor tape 5000 rolls, 50 m/roll.
  • 3600 m of galvanized concertina wire, 15 m/roll.
  • Square clamp, 25 × 2.5 mm 300 each.
  • Stainless steel razor wire 2ft diameter × 650 mtrs/ coil used to protect roof from racoons.
  • Stainless steel razor wire 1ft diameter × 500 mtrs/coil to wrap along top of chicken run against coyotes and foxes.
  • Concertina wire, single coil, galvanized, CBT‐65 type, 450 mm OD coil, 50m/roll.
  • Barbed wire, galvanized, double strand twisted w/ 4ea × 2.0 mm spikes, 20m/roll.
  • PVC coated concertina wire (green), 450 mm diameter and 54 clips wire 20ft container.
  • 25 rolls of concertina military type ground wire (stainless steel razor blade wire).
  • Galvanized razor wire coil 450 mm diameter as 120 GSM.
  • Single mobile concertina barrier, 1500 linear feet of green coated razor wire.
  • 100,000 liner meter of galvanized medium profile blade, 730 mm diameter concertina barbed tape.
  • 7000' of 7'6" H welded razor mesh wire, panel length 20'6" W for a high security nuclear facility.
  • 600 mm triple strand spiral razor wire to cover 500 meters in length.
  • Concertina razor wire (750 mm dia.) along with coil weight and running meter.
  • 700 feet of triple strand concertina security fencing.
  • Mobile razor wire security barriers, one roll of 900/20 and 2 rolls of 900/10.
  • 140 m of SS three strand mobile concertina wire for garden and home security.
  • Concertina wire on a fence length = 400 m, the diameter of the concertina 700 mm, the material can be hot deep galvanized, or stainless steel.
Concertina barbed wire coils packaged in carton box.
Concertina wire coils with woven bag package loaded in container for delivery.

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