How Can Concertina Wire Supplier Help You?

Concertina wires are widely used to enhance security for fencing, wall, border and gate systems. Coiled or straight concertina wires are provided.

We manufacture a wide ranges of barb tapes in galvanized or stainless steel materials. They are ideal for military defence and site security guard.

Flat wrap razor wire is made of one-strand razor wire and have medium or short blade. It can add security to chain link fence, field fence, walls and gates.

Spiral razor wire is made by clipping adjacent circles. It is used to improve security level for residential, commercial, prison, gardens and so on.

Welded razor mesh is specially manufactured for prisons, banks, boundaries and places where need high security.

Concertina fence is a prominent protective fencing for airports, forest, prison and other places. It can be combined with common perimeter fence or used alone.

Galvanized razor wire is often installed on the top of walls, gates and perimeter fences to add extra security.

Stainless steel concertina razor wire has high tensile strength, outstanding resistance to corrosions and silvery appearance. it will never rust and need no maintenance.

PVC coated concertina wire serves longer than galvanized wire for PVC coating is resistant-proof to all weathers, acid rains and other corrosive factors.

Mobile concertina razor wire can create a mobile security barrier within 3 minutes. It is ideal for emergency conditions such as demonstration.