Four Reasons of Purchasing Galvanized Razor Wire

Galvanized razor wire has thick zinc coating to resist acid rains and all weathers. Compared with naked steel razor wire, galvanized wire is very durable and will not rust.

Galvanized razor wire often combines with chain fences, field fence, welded wire fence, walls and gates to provide high security. Widely used in residential, commercial, military, garden, boundary and prisons.

Advantages of galvanized razor wire:

  • Zinc coating protects inside steel wire;
  • Sharp blades scares enemies away;
  • Silvery appearance warning people not climbing.
  • Related cheap price

Razor wire Specifications:

  • BTO-12, BTO-15, BTO-18, BTO-22, BTO-30, CBT-60, CBT-65.
The flat wrap galvanized razor wire on the ground.
GRW-1: Flat wrap galvanized razor wire.
A piece of welded galvanized razor wire with diamond opening on the ground.
GRW-2: Welded galvanized razor wire.
A concertina galvanized razor wire on the floor.
GRW-3: Galvanized concertina wire.
Galvanized razor wires are attached to the 358 mesh fence panel.
GRW-4: Galvanized razor wire is fastened to the fence panel.
Galvanized razor wires are attached to the wall through Y support.
GRW-5: Galvanized razor wire is fastened to the wall.
Soldiers are installing concertina wire fence
GRW-6: Galvanized concertina wire is widely applied to military base to forbid unwanted entry

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