Concertina Wire with Full Range of Sizes

Concertina wire is formed in large coils which can be stretched like a concertina. Rigid and sharp blade frightens or hurt any person or animal that want to go through concertina wire fence.

Concertina razor wire is available in galvanized, PVC coated and stainless steel wire materials. Broadly speaking, galvanized razor wire is very effective and relatively cheap.

Concertina wire is supplied in single coils, double coils or crossed spiral coils. Besides coiled concertina wire, straight razor wire is also provided, which can be welded to fences.

Applications: Fencing enhancement, wall enhancement, border security, military base security.

Concertina coil specification table:

Concertina Coil Specification
Coil Diameter 300 mm 450 mm 730 mm 730 mm 980 mm 980 mm 1250 mm
(12 inch) (18 inch) (28 inch) (28 inch) (36 inch) (36 inch) (50 inch)
Recommended Stretch Length 4 m 10 m 15-20 m 10-12 m 10-15 m 8 m 8 m
Coil Diameter When Stretched 260 mm  400 mm 600 mm 620 mm 820 mm 850 mm 1150 mm
Spiral Turns per Coil 33 54/55 54/55 54/55 54/55 54/55 54/55
Clips per Spiral 3 3 3 5 5 7 9
A single coil concertina wire in the workshop.
CW-1: Single coil concertina wire.
A double coil concertina wire in the workshop.
CW-2: Double coil concertina wire.
Several soldiers standing behind of the barriers and concertina wire.
CW-3: Concertina wire is used for military defense.
Concertina wires are extended outside of the deck.
CW-4: Concertina wire is used for vessel protection.

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