• A single coil concertina wire is installed at the top of chain link fencing with barbed wire in the middle.
    Flexible Installation Condition
    Concertina wire can be used individually or used with barbed wire & chain
    link fencing for high grade security.
  • Two soldiers are installing the spiral razor wire in the wild field.
    Sharp Weapon In Military Defense
    Small space between each coil of spiral razor wire make it difficult
    for passing through. It is ideal for military defense.
  • Stainless steel concertina wire with barbed wire are installed at the top of wall.
    Corrosion & Temperature Resistance
    Stainless steel concertina wire has excellent chemical and high
    temperature stability to be used in harsh environments.
  • Concertina wires and flat wrap razor wires are installed in the wild field.
    Natural Defense Barrier
    Multi-types combination of concertina wire supplies natural
    barrier fence in anywhere you want.

Concertina wire gives ultimate security to properties

Anping Enzar Metal Products Co., Ltd. is a professional manufacturer of concertina wire and razor wire. Since its foundation in 2000, our company has been focus on satisfying customers' requirements. We constantly modify our products and develop new models to keep up with the market.

Although concertina wire and razor wire are very common today, some are confused. FAQs are designed to help you know concertina wire better.

What types of concertina wire do you supply?

  • According to materials, galvanized, PVC coated and stainless steel wires are provided. All of them can resist rust and keep sharp blades which threaten anyone who want to break into.
  • According to diameter of coil, concertina wire and razor wire are provided. In fact, both of them share similar appearance and applications. However, concertina wire is often supplied in coils and has larger diameter. Single or double coil concertina wire and spiral concertina wire are include.
  • In addition, mobile security barrier is also provided. It can be installed within 5 minutes and is ideal for emergency conditions.
A BTO-60 concertina wire and three application in military sites, airport and factory.

Hot Products

Spiral razor wire installed on the wall to block unwanted people or animals

Spiral razor wire is made by clipping adjacent circles. It is used to improve security level for residential, commercial, prison, gardens and so on.

A hand is holding the stainless steel welded razor wire.

Welded razor mesh is specially manufactured for prisons, banks, boundaries and places where need high security.

Mobile razor wire can be moved to any place

Mobile concertina razor wire can create a mobile security barrier within 3 minutes. It is ideal for emergency conditions such as demonstration.

What is the difference between concertina wire and barbed wire?

Three part of concertina wire are twisted together.

Can I use concertina wire to fence my garden?

Concertina wire or razor wire does great damage to people who unintentionally want to enter your house or your garden. So before installing this kind wire, consult your community.


Our concertina wires will be displayed online at the 127th canton fair. Welcome to join us during 15 June to 24 June.

Hot concertina wires ordered by customers: 900mm diameter concertina razor tape, single mobile concertina barrier, triple strand spiral razor wire.

High security perimeter fencing, reinforced barbed tape double coil for fence toppings, non-reinforced barbed tape single coil for ground applications.

Wire concertina spiral coil made from 2.5mm galvanized single strand, 24 BWG sharpen stainless steel blade, distance between blade at tip 18mm.