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Wire Concertina - Galvanized Strand, SS Blade and Clips

A man's fingers take a coil of galvanized razor wire coil on kraft paper. A cross spiral concertina barbed wire coil on the floor.
Technical specification of wire concertina (blade type)
NO. Description Specification
1. Material of wire Spring steel (galvanized)
2. Diameter of wire 2.5 mm single strand (approx)
3. No. of turns per coil 68
4. Shape of coil Spiral
5. Dia. of each turn 40" (1016mm)
6. Material used of clipping of coil Stainless steel
7. Blade material Stainless steel
8. Thickness of blade 24 BWG (0.56mm) (Min)
9. Distance between blade at tip 18 mm (Max)
10. Length of blade 11 mm (Min)
11. Width of blade 13 mm (Approx)
12. Shape of blade Square type
13. Extended length of coil 15 m - 20 m
14. Carrying loops 02 Nos. Length - 400 mm Dia. 300 mm (Max)
15. Fixing Method The blade material should be punched and sharpened! From continuous strip of stainless steel. This continuous strip should be embedded by pressed with the spring wire.
16. Chemical composition of wire material:  
  a. Percentage of Carbon 0.45-1%
  b. Percentage of manganese 0.6% (Min)
17. Mechanical properties of wire material:  
  a. UTS (Kg/mm2) 160kg/mm2 (Min)
  b. Hardness (HRC) 35 (Min)

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