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Stainless Steel Razor Barbed Wire Spiral BTO-10 / BTO-12

Stainless steel concertina wire razor coils packaged in kraft paper, and a coil no packing.

Spiral barbed wire (razor type)

  • Roll of spiral wire diameter when pressed together is 900-1000 mm.
  • Roll of spiral wire diameter when extended 850-900 mm.
  • One unit of mounted spiral wire (roll) forms barrier unit which is 10-12 meter long in length.
  • One unit of spiral wire (roll) has 50-60 spirals (turns).
  • Required mounting clamps for one spiral is at least 5.
  • Barbed wire profile "short thorn" must be either:
    1. BTO-10: thorn length 10 ± 1 mm, thorn width 13 ± 1 mm, center distance between the thorns 26 ± 1 mm.
    2. BTO-12: thorn length 12 ± 1mm, thorn width of 15 ± 1 mm, center distance between the thorns of 26 ± 1 mm.
  • Used barbed wire material (plate) thickness has to be 0.5 + / - 0.05 mm.
  • Used reinforced wire diameter has to be at least 2.5 ± 0.1 mm.
  • Used reinforcing wire has to be galvanized steel wire.
  • Used thorn (barbed tape) material has to be stainless steel.
  • Spiral wire has to be reusable.

Materials and storage: All material lifespan (ie not corroded) in storage conditions (temperature -30C to +35C, relative humidity 60%) has to be at least 10 years.

Packing and marking

  • Basic package (for one roll): Must ensure smooth cargo handling (loading, lifting) and prevent hand injuries by wire.
  • Transport package marking: Transport package has to contain min. of 10 and max. 50 basic package (one roll). Basic packages has to be packed in to transport package in a way that ensures smooth and safe handling.

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