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Galvanized Barbed Razor Wire Fence and Concertina Barbed Tape

Two concertina wire blades made from stainless steel blade sheet and galvanized steel wire.

Barbed razor wire fence and galvanized concertina barbed tape 40ft container to Lagos port, Nigeria.

Barbed razor wire fence

  • The wire fence should be new not reconditioned and not already used.
  • Galvanized smooth main wire with a diameter (2.5 mm +/- 0.2 mm).
  • The wire tension is (45 kg/mm2 +/- 5 kg/mm2).
  • The wire is galvanized with a thickness not less than 100 g/ m2.
  • The wire should be provided with galvanized blades of the four heads fixed tightly with a thickness of (0.5mm) in addition to the distance of (4 cm +/- 2 mm i.e. the distance between every axis and the other).
  • Blade's dimensions should be (1.5 × 2 cm) (Height × length).
  • Length of the reel during its stretched condition should be (100 - 105 m).

Galvanized concertina barbed tape

  • Coil Diameter 965mm.
  • No. of Loops 55.
  • Blade profile MBBT.
  • Material galvanized.
  • Thickness 0.4mm (± 0.05mm).

Core Wire

  • Wire diameter 2.20mm (± 0.08mm).
  • Material Min. 245 GSM.
  • Tensile strength high tensile.


  • No of Clips 5 / loop.
  • Clip Thickness 1.50mm (± 0.01mm).


  • No of coils 1550.
  • No of Picket post 5160.
  • No of ground pins 1920.

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