Galvanized Barbed Razor Wire Fence and Concertina Barbed Tape

Barbed razor wire fence and galvanized concertina barbed tape 40 ft container to Lagos port, Nigeria.

A roll of CBT-65 stainless steel concertina razor wire with two detail of razor wire tape.
CBT-65 concertina razor wire is one of the most widely used type.

Barbed razor wire fence

  • The wire fence should be new not reconditioned and not already used.
  • Galvanized smooth main wire with a diameter (2.5 mm ± 0.2 mm).
  • The wire tension is (45 kg/mm2 ± 5 kg/mm2).
  • The wire is galvanized with a thickness not less than 100 g/ m2.
  • The wire should be provided with galvanized blades of the four heads fixed tightly with a thickness of (0.5 mm) in addition to the distance of (4 cm ± 2 mm i.e. the distance between every axis and the other).
  • Blade's dimensions should be (1.5 × 2 cm) (Height × length).
  • Length of the reel during its stretched condition should be (100-105 m).

Galvanized concertina barbed tape

  • Coil Diameter 965 mm.
  • No. of Loops 55.
  • Blade profile MBBT.
  • Material galvanized.
  • Thickness 0.4 mm (± 0.05 mm).

Core Wire

  • Wire diameter 2.20 mm (± 0.08 mm).
  • Material Min. 245 GSM.
  • Tensile strength high tensile.


  • No of Clips 5 / loop.
  • Clip Thickness 1.50 mm (± 0.01 mm).


  • No of coils 1550.
  • No of Picket post 5160.
  • No of ground pins 1920.

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