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Welded razor mesh gives a premium protective fence

Welded razor wire mesh is fabricated by welding straight razor wire in square or diamond profiles. This security fence is designed to prohibit entry and climbing for its sharp blades.

Welded razor mesh is often used as protective fence for factories, gardens, prisons and properties, banks and other places where need high security. Provided in rolls or panels.

Features of welded razor wire fence:

  • Non-climbing;
  • Robust welded structure;
  • Zinc coating improve corrosive resistance.
  • Available in square and diamond profile.
A worker should wear thick gloves before move welded razor wire mesh
Sharp blades of welded razor wire will hurt your hands without wearing gloves
Welded razor wire mesh rolls with diamond mesh opening
Welded razor mesh rolls on ground
Welded razor wire mesh is installed on the top of common field fence to add security
Adding welded razor wire mesh to common welded wire fence to enhance security
A prison protective fence uses welded razor wire mesh as main part and spiral razor wire on the top
concertina coil wire on top of welded razor mesh forms a high-grade protective fence

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