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Stainless steel concertina wire your capable security assistant

Stainless steel razor barbed wire in concertina coil on ground
Stainless steel concertina wire is an excellent
alternative for corrosive environment

Stainless steel concertina wire features high tensile strength, excellent corrosive resistance and durability. In addition, stainless steel concertina coil will never tarnish and remain shining appearance even after several years’ usage.

Stainless steel concertina wire often cooperates with chain link fence, welded fence or field fence, walls and gates. It effectively upgrades the security level and protects your property and family from threatening.

Concertina wire coil from stainless steel materials has many advantages:

  • Never rust in all weathers.
  • Sharp blades will not become blunt.
  • Excellent resistance to alkali and acid elements.
  • No maintenance after installation.
  • Shining appearance gives warning signs to unwanted people.
  • Sharp blades.
  • Economy cost in the long term.
One model of stainless concertina wire blade on the blue background
Stainless steel concertina wire blade detail
Above chain link fence, there are four strands of barbed wires and stainless steel concertina wire coil in flat style which is fastened to barbed wire
Barbed wire and stainless steel concertina wire together improve chain link fence security

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