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How to manufacture concertina wire?

Concertina wire consists of high tensile strength core wire and a punched steel tape with barbs. The production process of combining the core with the steel tape is called roll forming. Here is a brief process of stainless steel concertina wire production.

Raw material of stainless steel sheet for manufacturing stainless concertina wire.
First, prepare t stainless steel coil sheet before production.
Punching machine
Second: Install stainless steel sheet to punching machine.
Stainless steel sheet is punched into sheet tape with barbs
Third: Punch stainless steel sheet to sheet tapes with sharp barbs.
Stainless steel sheet tape is crimped to core wire.
Fourth: The steel tape is tightly cold-crimped to the wire except barbs.
Razor barbed wire is made after roll forming.
Fifth: Razor wire is manufactured
Twine the concertina wire around a round spoil
Sixth: Twist straight concertina wire into a coil.
Concertina wire package
Seventh: Package coiled concertina wire by woven plastic bag.